National News - TRUST Notes for Educators: 7 tips for building trust in students

Todd Finley, an Edutopia blogger, begins a recent post “Education is catastrophically deficient in trust,” and argues that teachers must take a leap of faith to learn how to trust their students so that they can be successful

National News - TRUST Notes for Marketplace Leaders: Is social networking at work an ethics risk?

The recently released results of the National Business Ethics Survey® of Social Networkers by the Ethics Resource Center uncovered an interesting relationship between social networking at work and ethics risks.

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We live at a time when employees are questioning leadership, consumers are questioning businesses, businesses are questioning other businesses... and all of these questions impact marketplace efficiency and satisfaction. Trust is not just under attack... It’s at an all-time low.

Last year, the Better Business Bureau handled more questions about business reliability than ever before in its one-hundred-year history. And, while this increase in activity is good for our business, it is not good for our marketplace or our society. 


I believe... Trust is an essential component of an efficient marketplace.

I believe... Trust is the foundation of good leadership.

I believe... Trust is required for businesses to survive and thrive.

I believe... Trust is required to insure that the free market remains free.

I believe... Trust is my... your... our... most valuable personal and professional asset.


But, what I believe is only part of the equation. 

Advancing trust is not a job for one… it’s a job for many... and we need your help.


The BBB Center for Character Ethics develops and conducts assessment, training and best-practice recognition programs designed to advance trust as an element of distinction in individuals and enterprises. By assessing, improving and recognizing personal and organizational performance, the BBB Center for Character Ethics helps to create better leaders, better businesses and a better marketplace.

Becoming a BBB EthicalEnterprising Partner is a simple matter of making a financial contribution to the BBB Center for Character Ethics. We would welcome your contribution and put it to good use advancing trust in the individuals and enterprises in the marketplace. National donations support the operations of the BBB Center for Character Ethics. Local donations stay in your marketplace.


I believe... Advancing trust will create better leaders.

I believe... Better leaders will create better businesses.

I believe... Better businesses will result in a better marketplace.

I believe... 


Do you?


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