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TRUST! Assessment ℠

The Better Business Bureau is now handling more questions about business reliability than ever before. Each inquiry the BBB receives is born from doubt... a deficit in marketplace trust. What are you doing on a daily basis to insure that you or your organization is trustworthy?


Chances are you spend your day focused on compliance, customer retention, finances, production, sales… Working on the "floors, walls and ceiling" but overlooking the foundation upon which all of these activities rest. TRUST is essential… your most valuable personal and professional asset… and if you’re like most, trust is in dire need of your attention.  


The BBB TRUST! Assessment is an excellent all-employee tool for organizations to gain a diagnosis and determine next steps for building a trust-advancing culture. The responses highlight both areas for celebration and improvement... and leadership is supported every step of the way. 


The TRUST! Assessment is:


      Easy... Employees are directed to a unique, company confidential URL.


      Quick... It takes just 15 minutes to complete.


      Confidential... Anonymous responses are used to generate a summary report.


      Affordable... Organizations pay $50 - $600 based on company size.


      Turnkey... Employee communication templates are provided along with simple instructions to
      help initiate the survey, interpret the results, and guide plans for building an even more ethical


      Powerful... The survey can be taken annually, with comparative data and trend data subsequently
      available to help companies monitor progress and results.


Trust is the foundation for good leadership, marketplace efficiency, sustainable business, and ultimately free markets. And if you’re like most, it’s in dire need of attention. 


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