Ignoring soft skills may be costly

In a recent newsletter ethicist Christopher Bauer discusses why "soft skills" training is important and why ignoring it might cost businesses.

Institute for Excellence and Ethics blog shares tips for educators

Dr. Matt Davidson's blog highlights insights on creating intentional cultures of excellence in our schools, businesses and teams.

Building Long Lasting Business Relationships

Success in business can be attributed to a number of things. Among those are product demand, employee performance, marketing and advertising and reputation. All of these factors rely on a human element. Any company, corporation or organization is only as good as its individual members.

The Seed to Business Success

A seed planted in business and community, ethics remain vital to humanity, and it is our job to allow them to grow into the gigantic trees of civility that modern society desperately lacks.

Mission: To be the catalyst for identifying, implementing and sustaining an unwavering commitment to character by developing a core framework to be used across all community segments.

Vision: Our focus is on the creation of a community culture that encourages, develops and commends good character in the individuals, families, faith and community organizations, schools, businesses and governments…by providing character training, resources, and best practices to all sectors of the community. 


The Character Foundation of North Alabama (CFNA) originated as The Community Mediation Foundation in 1999 to empower students to work together to resolve conflicts before they erupted into violence.

In 2001, our legislature passed State of Alabama Joint Resolution HJR 21, which declared Alabama a State of Character. As part of the Resolution, our legislature pledged to promote character in our schools, businesses, homes, churches, local governments, state agencies, media and community groups and urged the leaders of each of these areas to do the same. 

The Character Foundation of North Alabama works to collaborate with existing efforts to make them stronger and more effective. We also serve to fill the gaps in areas of our community where there is a void in existing character-development programs. 

We do this by:

  • Providing Traning and Education
  • Providing Resources 
  • Sharing Best Practices

By pooling our resources together, we can make a much greater impact on our community's character.

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